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Distracted driving

It seems there’s no end to distractions at the wheel these days: using a cell phone, texting, eating, talking to friends or blasting music. Emotional driving or driving while tired also can be a problem.

Have you noticed an improvement since a new state law went into effect earlier this year making it a primary offense to talk on a cell phone without a handsfree device?

What ideas do you have to stop distracted driving?

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How’s the economy these days?

The jobless rate in August 2010 was up slightly from 2009 in Kittitas County, from 8.7 to 8.8 percent. That’s up significantly from 5.4 percent in 2008.

• Is your family spending more these days?

• Putting more into savings?

• Just scraping by?

Job seekers: Are you noticing improvements in the local job market these days, or is it the same? Share your experiences here.

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Health Care Provider under Investigation!!

Attention Kittitas valley residents!

The Department of Health is currently investigating allegations filed against  a heath care provider here in our valley. The allegations run the gamete from incompetence, negligence,   malpractice  ,unnecessary procedures being performed,   causing permanent injury  to patients,   questionable billing and   emotional and financial pain and suffering.

This has been happening for a long time to residents and their children, and it’s up to us to notify the right agency to put a stop to it.    The Department of Health is the only  agency that has any power to discipline, fine, or even revoke a  practitioner’s  license  to practice.

We must speak out! If we don’t, this will continue! 

If you have suffered physically, or emotionally due to a heath care practitioner’s carelessness or incompetency, it is imperative that you call  1-360-236-4700 and ask to file a complaint.     Or go to www.doh.wa.gov.       and follow the steps to print off a complaint  form.

Before you go to your next dental, medical, or any heath care appointment, call the Dept of Heath FIRST!        Ask how many times your heath care provider has been investigated. They can’t tell you why, but they can say how many times.      You can then decide for your self based on the facts,  whether your willing to put your well being and your children’s well being in the hands of this person.

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Been watching the paper latley

I’ve been watching the paper latley and I see what is been taking place with our local leaders. I have to say what a joke no wonder our county is in the shape it is our local leaders are busy boxxing in parking lots and slandering each other instead of focussing on what they were elected to do look out for the citzens of Kittitas county I say we need to take out the trash and allow those who are doing thier job take over maybe then the folks of Kittitas county can hold their heads high and return to the days when right and just prevale.

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Kittitas County needs to protect the law abidding Citzens

Welcome to Kittitas County I have lived in Kittitas County for over 20 years and I have to say it is becoming clearer and clearer that our small place here on Earth is more corrupted then most big cities. I by no means consider myself an expert on anything but these days I feel more and more like an idiot. As I was growing up my parents always taught me the law would always protect the innocent and those who abided it and these days I see that in Kittitas County that was just a fairytale made to keep children believe they were safe as long as we stayed out of trouble . I have now found that in Kittitas County you are protected by the system if you walk on the wrong side of the law or are as a recent friend put it a product of the system. If you are a mother who in dangers your children you will be protected. If you are a middle aged man who goes to another man’s job in an attempt to cause them harm you are protected. The list goes on basically the system will protect you if you are in there eyes their future pay check if there isn’t  crime police officers , prosecutors, lawyers, and judges will be out of work so rather than protect the innocent they do what they can to defend the wicked. If there are no children put in harm’s way then CPS would be put out of work so they protect but not the children but rather the mother or father who is doing the children wrong. I have found in Kittitas County this is even more true than most places here we must also contend with the fact that it is a small enough County. That the official knows the offender and so they use that in their judgments rather than the facts. This needs to stop if you are a law abiding citizen in Kittitas County and you need protection you deserve it I have lost all faith in the system and I believe it is time we take a stand I seen a man standing in front of the county court house the other day taking a stand for not only himself but his son CPS has forced him to take a stand and I believe he is a very strong and noble man  I myself have come to a point where I am in the system and I am losing faith day by day and it stops here my children have been subjected to everything from dangers people to serious health risk and all CPS and Kittitas County court systems can say is you have to give their mother a chance but I ask at what cost do we wait till one of my children our injured beyond repair or worse I am now asking if you are battling issues like this or another injustice I ask you to step up and together if we put the word out maybe people will start to step in and help to get Kittitas County to protect the innocent be it a child a father a mother or any law abiding citzen.  

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CWU football

Can CWU rebound from a season opening  35-10 loss to Minnesota-Duluth to make the NCAA Division II playoffs? How would you rate the team’s prospects so far?

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Fair and rodeo

What were your favorite parts of this year’s Kittitas County Fair and the Ellensburg Rodeo? Do you have ideas to make next year even better?

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No board of adjustment?

What do you think of a proposal to do away with the county’s Board of Adjustment and shifting responsibilities to the county’s land-use hearings examiner?

The county commissioners rejected the idea 2-1 in December, but have reworked the proposal. Final decisions would be made the county commissioners.

Read story here.

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Election results

Were you surprised by Tuesday’s election results? Yes? No? Why?

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