Off Road Vehicle Use in Kittitas County

Mary Swift wrote an article recently about some of the problems with ATV’s and multi use roads in the Cle Elum Ranger district. I found the article in the Seattle Times. Heres a link to the article.
There has been a lot of pressure on the Forest Service to open more roads to multiple users including unlicenses ORV’s. I would just as soon not have to worry about some young kid coming around a corner pedal to the metal on my side of the road.

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3 Responses to Off Road Vehicle Use in Kittitas County

  1. ilovethisplace says:

    There needs to be more specific use designations for trails and roads in the district. Im with Clem. I would rather not be out for a stroll and have my solace interrupted, much less get flattened by an ATV. Having said that, they have as much right as I to use this land, so I would support areas and trails that are specifically designated for those types of use.

  2. MC says:

    The moto crowd does a ton of work maintaining trails that I can bike on, and having that traffic spread out ideally means I get the benefit of the trail without too much congestion. But that impact definately needs to be thought through carefully and controlled.

    It’s too bad some folks don’t play by the rules and/or ride sensibly, because IMO it’s that little fraction that creates problems for everyone.

  3. 4WheelingPlus says:

    There is a bad apple or two in all bunches, but it’s unfair to blame the entire bunch for spoiling everything based on one or two bad apples.