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Any attorneys out there willing to fight for the little guy?

Here’s the facts: From O5 to 09 my family and I received below standard care services from a local health care provider. We also  did not give our informed consent for these services. Now, at the cost of $15,000.00 we … Continue reading

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Alcoholic energy drinks

Officials say an alcoholic energy drink called Four Loko is to blame for nine college students who were hospitalized after an Oct. 8 house party in Roslyn. Officials are working to ban alcoholic energy drinks in Washington, and the FDA … Continue reading

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Improving student-neighborhood relations

What can the community do to reduce alcohol abuse by students? What’s the best way to improve relations between student renters and local neighbors?

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Facebook login now available on kvtalks

You can now login to kvtalks using your Facebook account. A link is available under the login screen. (Your regular login still works, too). We’ve also added new Facebook share features, so you can easily link a post or discussion … Continue reading

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Distracted driving

It seems there’s no end to distractions at the wheel these days: using a cell phone, texting, eating, talking to friends or blasting music. Emotional driving or driving while tired also can be a problem. Have you noticed an improvement … Continue reading

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How’s the economy these days?

The jobless rate in August 2010 was up slightly from 2009 in Kittitas County, from 8.7 to 8.8 percent. That’s up significantly from 5.4 percent in 2008. • Is your family spending more these days? • Putting more into savings? … Continue reading

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Health Care Provider under Investigation!!

Attention Kittitas valley residents! The Department of Health is currently investigating allegations filed against  a heath care provider here in our valley. The allegations run the gamete from incompetence, negligence,   malpractice  ,unnecessary procedures being performed,   causing permanent injury  … Continue reading

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