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What do you think about the county’s community wind system ordinance?

What do you think of proposed rules that would allow commercial-sized wind turbines and towers on rural county lands? Click here to learn more.

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Waive fees for Head Start?

What do you think of the Ellensburg City Council’s decision not to waive fees for the Head Start building? Read the story here.

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Is the local economy getting better?

How is the local economy doing? Better than last year at this time? Worse? How do you think local businesses are doing lately? What about your family? Are you better off than last year? Worse?

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Privatize state liquor stores?

What do you think of proposals on the ballot to privatize state liquor stores? Click here for a link of proposed ballot initiatives this year.

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How about a list of "profane" words?

Is there a list of profanity that we can access? It would be nice to have the list with suggested alternatives to words like He!! where !=L and ar$e where $=S. I see where He!! is ok in a letter … Continue reading

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Remembering Mount St. Helens

Tuesday, May 18th, is the 30th anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helens. The blast killed 57 people, obliterated a forest, filled local rivers with mud and spewed ash for miles. What do you remember from that time? Share … Continue reading

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Mariner Talk

Okay, what the *#$! is going on with the M’s this year? When they’re hitting, their relievers give up slams in the 8th. When our pitchers like Vargas and Fister are dialing in, we can’t even execute a squeeze. I … Continue reading

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Future Water I

A breakdown of bad faith talks between DOE and the Kittitas County Commissioners resulted in an exempt well moratorium in the upper county. Supposedly, it all has to do with the results of a study, already funded by the legislature, … Continue reading

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University Way traffic

What do you think about plans to keep University Way four lanes? The City Council last week turned down a proposal to change University Way to a three-lane street with two, five-feet wide bike lanes on the sides, similar to … Continue reading

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Ralph Nader’s visit

Did you attend Thursday’s speech by Ralph Nader at CWU? What did you think?

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