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Flu Pandemic of!3{2}January 1968 Ellensburg

You had to be around to see how hard it hit the dorms and the rest of Central Washington State College. I was over in one of the dorms when it seemed everyone got sick. Mostly what I still remember … Continue reading

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It is exciting to see the interest our progressive attitude is creating. On a personal level my EHS class is having a reunion and the Wildhorse Windfarm is scheduled as an event for Sunday. One classmate, who lives in England, … Continue reading

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Post Card Moments II

And Other Great Concepts, Open Topic, And Dedicated to All You Nice People With Kind Words

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Wet T Shirt contests in Bar – Ellensburg

Why are we saying nothing which means putting up with business owners conducting demeaning entertainment here in our county? One of the bars in town is conducting Wet T shirt contests. Does our community really want to support this? What … Continue reading

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Kittitas Kids take to the streets

It was so neat today to see the elementary students of Kittitas Elementary school out doing what many of us have forgotten to do. The kids were all over town picking up trash and helping to make our city that … Continue reading

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A letter from WindWorks! northwest

Dear Community Leader: I am very pleased to introduce you to WindWorks! Northwest with our video “Chasing a Legacy.” Our organization partners with supporters of wind energy who want their voices to be heard as loudly as the Not-In-My-B.ackyard (NIMBY) … Continue reading

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Letter to the editor By Cecil Howard 4/21/09

What is this guy talking about from what I have seen he is way off base. He is holding Robin Newcome up as this great saver of the town and in my opion I say bring Mary Lou Gillmore back … Continue reading

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Poisoning Lakes in North Cascades National Park’m sure this makes a lot of sense to someone. Those lakes have been stocked with trout for YEARS. Has there been a study to determine any impact this will have on anything else in the environment that has become … Continue reading

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Off Road Vehicle Use in Kittitas County

Mary Swift wrote an article recently about some of the problems with ATV’s and multi use roads in the Cle Elum Ranger district. I found the article in the Seattle Times. Heres a link to the article. has been a … Continue reading

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Tea Parties in Kittitas County

I havent heard of anything and I would bet the Safeway still has tea on the shelf. The Tea Parties are being promoted by Republicans and Fox News. So far the protest reminds me a little bit of the Republican … Continue reading

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