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Focusing on happiness changes lives

From Jean Starling’s business column in the March 26 edition of the Daily Record:Martin Seligman, founder of the positive psychology movement and former president of the American Psychological Association, performed a research study on 47 severely depressed individuals.The study involved … Continue reading

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Crazy lights in the sky

Ok, time to sound like a crackpot I guess. Was anyone else out there stargazing to the southwest (roughly) last night around 9:30 ? I was standing on the porch getting some fresh air last night and noticed a couple … Continue reading

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Cle Elum School District "Quarantined"

Whooping Cough has hit Upper County.Kittitas County Public Health Department Order posted on Cle Elum-Roslyn School District website. Visit for full information.

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Warning: attack on Daily Record website

Warning: Possible malware attack on Daily Record websitesIt has been brought to our attention that visiting some of the Daily Record websites may install malware on your computer. We are working to fix this problem. In the mean time please … Continue reading

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?As for me, I loved the TAV. Over the years, everyone I ever took there loved it too. I’m optimistic about the new owners. I do not believe their now serving hard liquor will have any effect. They have to … Continue reading

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Car runs into house, leaves

Re: Daily Record online breaking news headline titled, “Car runs into house, leaves.” Was that exit through the back door or the front door?

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Thumbs up and Thumbs down-A series- #1 of several

THUMBS UP 1. The renovation of Mountain View Av. 2. The renovation of Ruby St.THUMBS DOWN 1. They spoiled the looks of the otherwise beautiful new Mountain View Av. by having many of the drainage ditches between the road and … Continue reading

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County Cuts – County Needs Timely Reporting

How can someone budget if there is no timely reporting of assets? Why is the County Auditor consistantly late with reports. How is it an email was sent through out the County by an County Auditor Employee that says they … Continue reading

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School budget woes

In the coming months when the state Legislature releases its next two-year state budget, local school districts could be facing significant budget cuts. For example, when Gov. Chris Gregoire first announced the state’s projection of a $5 billion budget deficit … Continue reading

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How would you keep students from texting in class?

From Monday’s Daily Record:By CHELSEA KROTZERstaff writerFor 16-year-old Ellensburg High School junior Katie Hemmingson text messaging isn’t just another form of communication — it’s a necessity.“It’s just kind of like an urge,” said Hemmingson. “I have to know what’s on … Continue reading

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