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Alternative energy

From Friday’s Daily Record Our View:It’s hard to detect a silver lining in the current economic climate, but it’s possible that Kittitas County may be positioned to take advantage of one of the few growth areas — green energy.Obviously, this … Continue reading

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Officer Murphy got back to me. He told us that they didnt find any “current” violations at the time they made a check but have seen ALL the complaints and videos. Because of that the OAK RAIL was counseled on … Continue reading

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Avalanche control

The state Department of Transportation explains how it recognizes avalanche terrain.

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Is it time to upgrade the jail?

Kittitas County commissioners believe there’s enough existing revenue to support a $2 million to $3 million project to repair the jail, remodel it to add cell and bed space and move sheriff’s department administration personnel and offices to another location.To … Continue reading

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I’m Cooking Again…

Going to try one more topic that has to do with finding food that is not expensive that turns out good and explain how I do it.I’m not used to keeping track of exact quantities and measurements. And almost everything … Continue reading

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Thursday paper Section B Front page photo

Geez… you would think the local paper could tell a tractor from a swather. The photo is of a swather which cuts the hay. How long have we been farming hay in this valley. get it right guys Thanks for … Continue reading

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Can’t find a job?

Tell us about your experiences in the job market and why it may be difficult to find work. Or give us tips on landing a job and keeping it.

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Thank you Aureliux

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This guy says it all

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HopeSource letter on flood assistance

Dear Homeowner:As a homeowner who was impacted by the recent flooding, you most likely have experienced individuals in the community reaching out to offer assistance already. Several articles in the local newspapers have told of the many partnerships that have … Continue reading

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