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Snow park permits- ARG!!!

I had been told by a Sportland employee a day or two ago that one could get a snow park permit @ the mini mart. Great!So I pull in today at lunch- nope, they don’t sell ’em, doesn’t have any … Continue reading

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Daily Record Coupons

It is absolutely ridiculous that the Daily Record local coupons were only offered for 24 hours. Would someone who downloaded the coupons please post JPG or PDF copies of the coupons on the website so they can be downloaded?Thank you … Continue reading

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new drink/drive INTERLOCK LAW

A very good start. This law passed only because the current regulations were not effective enough. If I understand it right it also includes interlocks on public transportations(?). It was found that everyother means taken didnt stop repeat offenders. Some … Continue reading

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The Earth Shook Again Story about a big jump in little quakes at Yellowstone, 250 brand new ones.So I checked the NW Quakes page and found the South Cle Elum had a little tiny shaker the other night! not be fun right now … Continue reading

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Avalanche season begins :(

Our first Washington fatality happened yesterday, 12/28. is in addition to up to 8 snowmobilers possibly dead near Fernie, BC. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE, and keep an eye on the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center web site!

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U.S. Surgeon General Call to Action

In March 2007, the acting U.S. Surgeon General released his Call to Action to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking, whichproperly and methodically outlines the serious nature of underage drinking. He also provides a roadmap for communities and states to follow … Continue reading

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Brief History of the Drinking Age

RECENTLY Aureliux (a kvtalks chat user) made a comment about the days before age 21 drinking laws. “My view on alcohol consumption is probably different from everyone else’s on here because I didn’t grow up through those tender years in … Continue reading

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Q&A with Sheriff Gene Dana

Daily Record: Judging from your history, you’ve seen a lot of these things. What kind of misbehavior do you expect to see? Dana: There’ll be very crowded bars. City (police) will primarily deal with those and we will be available … Continue reading

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CWU alcohol drug stats

There are 3 sets of numbers – for each years 05 06 07 Hate Crimes 0 0 0 Liquor Law Arrests 106 115 113 Drug Law Arrests 14 24 18 Alcohol 465 715 406 Drugs 81 96 100 Weapons 0 … Continue reading

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My husband is serving his second tour right now in Afghanistan. He left Fort Hood on July 2nd he came home on Dec 10th for RNR. I had to take him back to the airport on Christmas day. My heart … Continue reading

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