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Pick a card, any card …

Got something to say, say it. Any subject, any time.Hey, how you doin’ … ?Haven’t heard from you in a while … ?Have you seen …. ?Have you heard …?

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When served lemons, make lemonade

I’ll admit to being a West Sider. This spring we bought a place within a mile of the proposed Kittitas Valley Wind Farm site knowing full well that there could be large wind turbines in our “back yard”. Why? We … Continue reading

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Drunk laws questions

If a Bar/Tav owner is held responsible for those overserved and have a car accident, are they also responsible for any vandalism and thefts committed by the over served as well?

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Kittitas CO. Historical Museum & Girls Night Out

I had the pleasure of stopping at the Kittitas County Historical Museum (KCHM) during the Girl’s Night Out. Erin Black, the director, and Lauren Walton, Museum Assistant, obviously put a lot of time and effort into this program.As we walked … Continue reading

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Brenden Foster dies

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Overpriced or Undervalued?!

I am amazed and shocked at the home prices in the Kittitas Valley. Has our market seemingly bucked all trends both nationally and globally and values have stayed the same or increased. Are home sellers stuck trying to recoup their … Continue reading

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What is this? when I saw pictures folks had taken on & put on the internet about bikini baristas she had on a winter hat that you would wear in the snow and then she had on a bikini and … Continue reading

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Fires up above Joe Watt/Taneum?

Any know if these are slash or prescribed burns or ??? Just curious.

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Traffic Signals and Sunrise on University

Anyone else ever been on University, crossing Main headed west in the AM during sunrise? IF the sun hits that signal JUST RIGHT it appears as though the green arrow is lit for a left turn to head south down … Continue reading

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So what is for dinner?

New cooking, menu, recipe discussion, how does that sound? The other ones are getting kind of long.Tonight I had 10 chicken thighs and one BIG frying pan that they would all fit in.Put about a half inch of water in … Continue reading

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