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Government Accountability

I have to agree with BaldEagle on this school matter.. I have commented for the last few years about how the schools are taking over the community.. They have no one to answer to and choose to tax and spend … Continue reading

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Government Accountability

The American people have attempted in every opportunity to pound a message into our government officials head, and that is we are demanding accountability with not only our money (tax dollars) but job performance or whether or not the job … Continue reading

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How should Ellensburg brand itself?

From Jean Starling’s “Taking the Reins” column in the March 13 edition of the Daily Record:… Branding your business or entity is either chosen by you or placed on you by your market, and your success depends on how you … Continue reading

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Ellensburg’s alcohol policy

The Ellensburg City Council is currently considering a revised alcohol policy that would allow the consumption of alcohol at West Ellensburg Park, Adult Activity Center and Hal Holmes Center. Requests for alcohol must be approved by the city, which can … Continue reading

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First off, I work for Suncadia, biased?, probably, however I have a little story to tell.I have lived in Kittitas County, lower valley, for 15 years and started at Suncadia many years ago. I’m not the only “local” who jumped … Continue reading

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Changes to Upper County brought by Suncadia

Has Suncadia brought changes to the upper county? You bet your sweet bippy it has: 1. Increased traffic to the area surrounding the resort, mostly from the darksiders who litter and then return home. 2. Artificially inflated land and home … Continue reading

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