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Guest Columns

Why are the guest columns not posted to in the same way the letters to the editor are? I would like to see all guest columns and editorials posted. Is there a reason why they are not? The last … Continue reading

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Error message

While trying to respond to an article, I got the following error message: An error occurred: preg_match_all() [function.preg-match-all]: Unknown modifier ‘\’   What is the problem? Also is there an email address that should be used to report problem instead of … Continue reading

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DR Opinion pages

Why is it that when I go to any of the opinion pages there is nothing listed?

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How about a list of "profane" words?

Is there a list of profanity that we can access? It would be nice to have the list with suggested alternatives to words like He!! where !=L and ar$e where $=S. I see where He!! is ok in a letter … Continue reading

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DOE vs. Kittitas Co-Manweller’s nightmare

In the article “DOE vs. Kittitas Co. Part II” Mathew Manweller correctly states that the Attorney General’s opinion on whether lawn watering under the exempt rule was a part of the 5,000 gallon per day limit. It is not according … Continue reading

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